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The Wanderful World of Tissy Rose book series is based on the adventures and voyages of a sweet little Caribbean girl named Tissy Delight Rose. It’s an imaginative world full of enchanting fantasy creatures, people, and places. Immerse your imagination in a colorful world of glowing wonder forever.

The Geographic World of Tissy Rose

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Stephanie Clowette is the creator and imaginative mind behind The Wanderful World of Tissy Rose. As a wife and mother of 8, S.Clowette finds herself in a rather enchanting whimsical real life full of love and creativity.S.Clowette’s world of artwork is a product of her being an artist and writer since she was a child; to now being an adult that can’t be told no or that it’s impossible to make what she imagines, become a reality.Her lucid imagination and wild ambition is forever shone in her works. To take a deeper dive into the mind of S.Clowette hit the link.

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The Wanderful World of Tissy Rose Book Series was created, published, and illustrated by the Author Stephanie Clowette. The debut book is translated into two languages: English & Japanese.Take a journey through the whimsical world of Tissy Rose through her delicious book series and meet her twin baby brothers: Rocky & Bubba, her best friend the water girl: Oriallo, and all of her enchanting creature friends; You may find yourself delightfully caught away in the splendor of this charming literary paradise.
NEW BOOKS coming Spring 2024:
- Tissy Rose in Lola Peach Reef
- Rocky & Bubba Play Nature
- Tissy So Sweet {Tissy Rose cook book}
- Tissy Rose in Pobbletopia
- Tissy Rose in Rainbow Lagoon
- Wild Pobbles (A hunter’s guide)
- Tissy Rose ~ The Quest of the Jumbo Caicos Stone in Pastel Ponds {Graphic Novel}


Pobbles are original characters from The Wanderful World of Tissy Rose book series. They are little (sometimes big) aquatic rock creatures that live along the banks of crystal clear ponds, lagoons, grottos, lakes, streams, and rivers. Pobbles originate from a tropical land called Pobbletopia located just west of Lola Peach Reef and East of Rainbow Lagoon.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Pobble Collectibles are hand made by the S.Clowette from actual real rocks/stones.
Each Pobble is unique and OOAK. Find out more or on Instagram - links below. 🪨🪷🌈🌊🫧✨



WanderMail is a beautifully handwritten, illustrated, professionally printed monthly letter subscription. With WanderMail you can choose from 2 different letter subscriptions!✨🌈Imagine or Explore🌎✨
✨ Imagine Letters (hosted by Tissy Rose): is an imaginative and whimsical letter subscription about exotic places, fantastical people, and enchanting creatures that are conjured up to spark the possibilities of a creative mind.
✨ Explore Letters (hosted by Rocky & Bubba): is a globetrotting journal of actual and real locations across the world bringing you back observations of vibrant cultures, delicious foods, and unique facts.Sign up for one or both, today at the links below!



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